Valley of Blue Hope

The One You Don’t See Coming: A Divagation,

Including Blood Cell Count, Water, Polycythemia Vera


“The one you don’t see coming” is the title of a West African tale I’ve come to love. Collected by Harold Courlander, the story is about young hunters who, to prove their prowess, set out to kill Sleep or “the one you don’t see coming” as the Old Ones call this mysterious animal that no one has seen. One of the young hunters waits in a tree beside the river. His plan is to ambush Sleep when it comes for a drink. The night is long and the hunter grows tired of clinging to a tree branch and waiting. Though he can’t see it, he suddenly believes that the mysterious animal Sleep has got a hold of him and is scrambling his mind. He cries out for help as he falls into the river…

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