The Mad Mouse


When my grandson David was three years old, I would pick him up under the arms and swing him up into the sky, again and again and again. And you know what he did? He laughed. He would laugh and laugh. And he said, “More. Again.” He wasn’t afraid of being swung up into the sky by grandpa, which made me happy. I took it to mean that David trusted in me, and he let the joy of the kind of child he was come bubbling forth.


We’re all different. Some of us are like David, and we don’t mind–we even love–being swung up into the air. Some of us, not so much. We might be shy, or we’re afraid of falling, and it takes a while for the joy of the kind of child we are to come bubbling forth.


But you know what, God is patient and loving. He calls every child, no matter how shy or afraid, to come forward. Again and again, God calls us. God’s love wants the child in each of us to come bubbling forth.


Dear God, thank you loving us and calling us to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.


When she was little I took David’s mother, my daughter, on a roller coaster ride. The roller coaster was called the Mad Mouse.  We went straight up into the air, then slowed down at the top, then zoom straight down, then hard left, hard right, loop the loop. Wow!


When we got off the Mad Mouse, I was dizzy and my legs were wobbly. “How did you like that?” I said to my daughter.


She walked up to me and, without saying a word, slugged me in the stomach.  I think she slugged me because she was frightened by the ride, but she also found it fun and thrilling. I had my arms around her, and I was with her all the time.


That’s the way it is with God, thrilling and exciting.  As we get up everyday, and go to work or play and go to school, and do things, it’s as though God swings us up into the air and catches us again and again.  We trust in God, but sometimes it’s such a surprise, and it’s so exciting, we want to slug God in the stomach, like my daughter slugged me in the stomach.  It’s okay sometimes to feel like slugging God in the stomach, so long as we remember that God loves us and God has his hand on us and is ready to help us through the exciting and difficult and sometimes scary parts of life. God is here with us.