The Moe Joy of Ministry


Carol Moe died on June 21, 2002, in Asheville, North Carolina. She was born on August 13, 1919 in the Philippines, where her Mom and Dad were missionaries. Her Dad was actually a district superintendent in one of the provinces.


When Carol was two months old, her parents moved back to the States, to be closer to Grandma Moe, who was ill. When Carol was four years old, her parents moved back to the Philippines. The years between four and nine years of age Carol spent in the Philippines, and they were happy years. She had bright red hair. She spoke English with a Filipino accent. This was the world she fitted in so well.


When the Moes returned to the States, to Fremont, Nebraska, Carol made an important discovery: she began to feel different from her Nebraska classmates. When she was in the fifth grade, and she experienced her first snowfall, she was so overjoyed that she began rolling around in the soft white stuff. When she looked up at the window of the one room schoolhouse, she saw the other kids looking down at her.


People in Nebraska just didn’t think the same way that people did in the Philippines, and Carol, when she was finally able to, returned the place where she was happiest. Carol earned a degree in Christian Education, then a Master’s degree in Missions. It was after the Second World War, in 1946 three weeks after Philippine independence, that Carol arrived in the Philippines as a missionary. She was a missionary in the Philippines for over nineteen years.


After her missionary work in the Philippines, Carol returned to the states. She was manager of housing at St. Paul’s Seminary for 13 years. In 1984, Carol retired–“started collecting Social Security,” she says, and moved to Boulder, where we have been benefiting from her love and joy these past ten years or so.


I could always count on Carol to remind me that a church not in mission cannot grow because it has lost its purpose for being. Carol exemplifies for me the love and joy in Christ that propels us into mission and ministry in the world.