Bone Deep Happy


It was a beautiful clear night, with a three-quarter moon and stars clearly visible, and after we were done with dinner, John lit the a fire in his fire ring.


As we watched the flames hissing and wavering among the brands, as we grew warmer, I asked John what made him happy, what happiness was to him. John said, after giving it some thought, “Feeling loved by God, knowing God loves me, and feeling connected to things.”


We were camped on land John and his wife Pat owned on Storm Mountain. They called it “our rock” after the huge outcropping of granite we climbed to view Storm Mountain to our back in the northeast and Long’s Peak and Meeker Peak before us in the southwest. Long’s and Meeker were two commanding peaks among layer upon layer of the Rocky Mountain Range. In high mountain air, the view was gorgeous.


John had cooked Sophia Lauren spaghetti for supper. The sauce consisted of olive oil, lots of garlic, canned diced sliced mushrooms, and fresh basil leaves. I broke up the lettuce, sliced the cucumber, tomato and radishes, and made a salad. I broke the French bread. It was a simple and wonderful meal. John said more than once, “We’re rich, Lowell, we’re rich.” I certainly agreed.


This was a blessing moment for me. Spending time with John  and Pat, whether in their townhouse in Boulder, Colorado or up on Storm Mountain is always a blessing for Joan and me. They receive us, and every time we know that we, as they, are special children of God.