Way into the Future with Ipolani

It was no fun living apart. My wife Joan was appointed to a church in Littleton, Colorado, and I was to a church on the western slope, in Olathe, Colorado, and as often as I could, especially when I could combine my visits to see her with a scheduled conference meeting, I would hop into my little Nissan truck with our dog Ipolani and drive the three hundred mile that separated us.

That day I was driving to Denver and the conference offices in a terrible snowstorm, with no snow tires and no chains. Our dog Ipolani was keeping a steady but comforting eye on me. There were many stretches of I-70 where I thought that I wouldn’t make it, that Ipo and I would be marooned in a snow bank. I was heavily in conversation with God, as I felt the truck tires spinning and the truck sliding. I watched others impatiently spinning their tires, then sliding into the snow bank. I didn’t do the same. God prompted me to be patient and to count on the understanding of the drivers behind me.

I tried slowly to gain traction, and literally inch by inch, I made my way up to Vail Pass, then up to Eisenhower Tunnel. “We made it, Ipo,” I said. “We made it!” I believed she liked it when I treated her like a person.

It took me and all the others on the road three additional hours to climb up Vail Pass, then up to the Eisenhower Tunnel. The usual five-hour trip from Olathe to our home in Lakewood had become an eight hour trip. But God had shown me the way into the future in the form of a patient and loving dog who didn’t mind when I sang off-key and the patience and consideration of all the drivers lined up behind me.

ImageAnd of course, God soon showed Joan and me the way into the future. Thanks to the initiative of a compassionate district superintendent, she was appointed to a church on the western slope only twenty-six miles from mine. We were able, after nine months or so of separation, to live together again. Thanks be to God!