Through Jill's Eyes

It’s amazing how interesting a few thousand little pieces of stone can be when one has eyes to see their beauty! I first read about the third century Roman mosaics in Conimbriga, Portugal in an article by Carlos Soreto published in Caerdroia: The Journal of Mazes and Labyrinths (XXXIII:2003). Last month I was finally able to visit them.

Conimbriga angular labyrinth

The first is a multicolored mosaic which uses a seven circuit classical labyrinth design that is angular.

The labyrinth entrance is in the east, the side closest to the center of the peristyle area and the water.  A tri-colored double twisting “rope” follows the pathway from the opening to the center.

On either side of the design (east & west) was a different labyrinth-related geometric pattern. Three rows of shapes, two of which bring to mind the moon and/or axe-heads, separate this labyrinth from a second mosaic labyrinth.


It was fascinating to compare…

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